Be involved

be involved - socialcatwork

We started a crowdfunding campaign in the end of 2015 on Indiegogo. 

Socialcatwork raised up $1,285 with 55 backers in 2 months.

You may read the Project description that we calculated €138,600 for a successful starting.

Total money raised: $1,285

The campaign was a huge help to start but sadly not enough to finish it.

Luckily wonderful people are resonating with our mission and help us to continue on this road.

Thanks for collaboration with catmadtshirts (the best cat T-shirts and hoodies) you can buy your own Socialcatwork T-shirt. Hereby you can support the project.




Don’t hesitate to contact us if you think you and/or your company can help in a way to bring Socialcatwork to life.