We love cats. And we are not the only ones.
We are grateful for all the help and care what we’ve received from our supporters. The best thing on Earth that we can stand by next to each other and create a powerful community for good reasons.

Be a SCW supporter! The cats need YOU!

Would you like to join to the support group? Just send your cat/company/face picture to

What does it mean to be a socialcatwork supporter?
It means:
  • you like the idea of socialcatwork
  • you let us upload a picture about your logo/cat on our website
  • you help to spread the idea of socialcatwork
  • you will be a member of our consultant group



Colorfly Studio

Jennifer uses both modern and vintage paper, acrylics, watercolors, dye inks, and pencils to create her enchanting works of art, which are often inspired by words. She explains, "I love to read and listen to music, so if a word or phrase catches my attention, I write it down in my sketchpad. Then I start to think about what it would look like if I brought it to life." She is a cheerful artist, living in Houston, Texas with her husband Jason and two sons. | Etsy | Instagram

natalie sutton

Natalie Palmer-Sutton

Natalie Palmer-Sutton is an Art Director and artist in the UK. By day she’s creating big brand campaigns, by night she’s scribbling rebellious cats and working on a book with Author Jay Heinrichs, so watch this space. If you want your cat’s cheeky moments immortalised in ink, hashtag your photos #InkMyCat on Instagram and you might be picked…every mischievous moment is another chance to be featured on her instagram profile 🙂
chapy cat

Chapy Cat

You can't buy Chapiness - but you can adopt it. I am a very lucky cat because I got adopted since I was 4 months old and have never been homeless or in a shelter. But that does not mean that I do not care for all those cats and dogs who are hungry and die on the streets. I swear that for the rest of my life I will do my best to help as many of them as possible. | Instagram

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socialcatwork supporters
socialcatwork supporters


9 thoughts on “Supporters

  1. I think your group is awesome! If there is any way we can spread the word via IG Facebook Or Twitter just say the word! I would love to help you get started on an auction to raise money for your cause on IG with the help of a he LEC just let me know!

  2. This is such a awsome idea . I have three cats and just love them ..and i will spread the word about your site to my family and friends..
    Great job.

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