The Project

thesocialcatworkSocialCatWork is going to be a truly global revolution in saving homeless cats.

As an app/website, it will connect people who love cats and want to place them in loving homes. It will be a social media platform for people to work together in organising a network that will be involved in cat rescue from start-to-finish: finding a cat, fostering (which may include vet visits), and adoption.

Our Mission: Fewer homeless cats, more comfortable homes with happy purring companions for caring owners.

Our story began in a small veterinary clinic, where we received many phone calls from people who wanted to know what to do when they found a cat in the street. We usually directed them to the nearest cat rescue center but it was often full. Surprisingly, many would call us back and tell us that although they could not keep the cats themselves, they were willing to pay for treatment and hospitalisation. We would find ourselves in this situation almost shelter

That’s when the idea of SocialCatWork was born. We realised that many people desperately want to help cats, but they can’t do it alone. They need a group of like-minded people to share the work: someone to pay for initial treatment, someone to keep the cat (temporarily or permanently), someone to transport the cat – they need bigger networks to find new owners.


It's important that this concept is not another animal shelter. This organisation has no physical centre with real cat cages or cat food. This is an information-based system that provides all the tools that users need to organise their rescue project.


Did you know…?

  • that lack of money was the main reason most people leave pets in a shelter?

  • that most people who leave their pets in shelters say they would like to keep animals again in the future?

  • that many people admit to keeping a newer pet at home, thus leaving the older pet at a shelter?

Animal shelters can be depressing places. They are often overcrowded and constantly dealing with incoming animals. This is because the general public believes rescue centers are good solutions for getting rid of strays and abandoned animals. The truth, however, is that shelters are usually severely restricted in space, money, and manpower. The people who work in shelters are usually exhausted from constantly being on call, and their meager salaries often mean they take on additional work or make sacrifices to make ends meet. Even the most devoted person working in animal shelters can become disillusioned in people and disappointed by the lack of support from veterinarians and other organisations.

This is where SocialCatWork can help.

Most people just need education on how shelters work. When someone brings in a new stray to a shelter, their intention isn’t to burden the system – they genuinely think it is the best way to help a stray cat. They don’t understand the needs of the shelter or know that there are many other ways to help the poor cat they just rescued.


Why SCW?

You may be asking: how is this different from any other animal group? The difference is that it’s CATS. Did you know that 15% of all Internet content is cats? Videos, pictures, quotes – people just love to show off their cats, and there is a huge growing business for cat furniture and accessories. The problem with all this is that cats are sometimes just a source of entertainment, and not all cat owners are responsible about proper care. Some people don’t value cats at all and are actually cruel to them just because it is a way to pass the time. In all this, SCW can be a voice to highlight what should and should not happen. The time is ripe to do this very important work!

Why Cats?

thesocialcatworkWe’re choosing to work only with cats because we found it more difficult to place cats into adoption than dogs. There are already more organisations that try to save dogs, and usually people know what to do when they see a stray dog.
We also believe cats can be easier to work with simply because of their size (they’re easier to carry and transport, and less expensive in the veterinary clinic). However, because of their size, cats are often overlooked, even though they also suffer from parasites, malnutrition, and many other health issues.


What type of cats are we thinking to save?

• unwanted litter
• strays
NOT wild cats or those dangerous to catch
To summarize, we want to work with cats that don’t have problems with human interaction and just need some encouragement. We will list TNR (trap-neuter-release) organisations that have experts who can catch feral cats and may perhaps have suggestions for domesticating them.

SCW can be that bridge that connects shelters and individuals so that both are rescuing and caring for cats to the best of their abilities and without burdening anyone.

If you are a shelter, SCW can help you:

  • find individuals who can temporarily foster or permanently adopt animals from your organisation
  • let people know how they can contribute to your work (whether finding volunteers or financial donors)
  • organise public events (and generating interest in moving more animals from shelters into homes)

If you are an individual, SCW can help you:

  • connect with like-minded people so together you can achieve more than if you were working alone
  • get involved with shelters and rescue organisations in ways that really make a difference in animal welfare
  • discover ways to distribute the work involved in rescuing cats, allowing people to contribute in ways that they are most comfortable, thus helping more animals

Contact us for partnership opportunities.

How It Will Work

Whenever anyone finds a cat, they can build a profile on SocialCatWork that describes everything about the cat, thesocialcatwork phoneespecially its availability and potential for fostering or adoption.
(When we set up a beta version, we will update everyone with some screenshots.)

The beauty of the system is that because all the information about the adoptable cat is available and people can have live conversations, there should be very few surprises – which means adoptions are more permanent.

SocialCatWork is just beginning. Our plan is to build a database of rescue centers, veterinarian clinics, TNR groups, foster groups, and concerned individuals in your city. We want to see the SCW decal on doors of veterinary clinics, inviting rescuers to free health checks for newly rescued cats. We want shelters to stay open and have room to take in new animals (without having to kill off old ones). We want to see SCW stickers on family cars so people can see more and more families are adopting cats. We want people and businesses to become partners and have fun organising and participating in events that help society.

radar social cat workSocialCatWork is meant to bring people together for a good cause. We want people to know exactly what to do and who to ask for help. We want to build a big network that includes big organisations and local experts. Most of all, we want people to know that if they want to rescue cats, they are not the only ones – there are thousands out there who want the same thing you do and are willing to work with you. We want shelters, veterinarians, volunteers, rescuers, suppliers, elderly, children – everyone – to have the ultimate win-win situation when solving the global problem of stray cats.

How Will We Get There?

We, Daniel and Karina, have our day jobs and so far we’ve been working on this in addition to working full-time. We need to take it to the next step and we’ve estimated we need € 138.600.

This is a huge project with lots of short-term and long-term goals. Sometimes it seems like they all go together! We hope eventually SCW will be perfected but it needs to go through a few phases:

Phase I – Basic App/Website & Education
Our online network will initially be in English, and we will focus strongly on spreading the idea of fostering and/or adopting cats. We will also be motivating people to become responsible cat owners.

Phase II – Multilingual & Partnership
The app and website will gradually be operable in several languages. We will continue to educate people about cats, hopefully more thoroughly about all aspects (health, nutrition, behavior, reproduction, socialization, etc.). We will also be supporting local networks, rescue centres, and veterainary clinics – helping to move more cats into permanent homes.

Phase III – Global Recognition
SCW will eventually be a worldwide community that regularly organizes meetings and events that raise awareness about a problem that is often overlooked. The ultimate goal is to be such a strong leader in the area of pet adoption that people who would like to have cats will first check SCW.

thesocialcatwork cats

How Will We Use the Money (€138,600)?

diagramAPP / WEBSITE
We have a standing offer from a remarkable mobile application and website developing company. Not only have they given us a very reasonable price quote, they are also very fond of cats! For €60,000, they will build both the app and website. Unfortunately, this cost is just the beginning because we have to keep the service running for years. There will also be some additional costs after the app launches to fix bugs and any issues users bring up. Our initial estimates for those costs are currently €10,000 (which includes updates, support, and server costs).

Marketing is as important as the mobile application itself. For a working network we need thousands of active members. Our goal is to reach all rescue centers, veterinary clinics, animal activists, and individuals who would like to adopt cats. The ultimate goal is to place stray cats into permanent homes. It’s ambitious (and quite far down the road), but eventually we want the service to be available in several languages to have a global reach.

To reach these huge goals, we need to be realistic about just how much money we will have to invest in advertising. We calculated the first 2 years as the hardest years.
Our estimates are €39,000 to be broken down into:
online advertising (€29,000):Facebook ads (€12,000), Google ads (€12,000), Youtube ads (€3000), articles/blog (€2000).
print advertising(€10,000): stickers, postcards, posters, flyers, leaflets, brochures, and associated printing/publishing
During the first 2 years, we want to build a strong self-supporting system so SCW can run continuously without many maintenance interruptions. We are strategizing to have a sustainable income through repeat/long-term donations and stable member activity plan rescuing projects in the SCW system.

We, Daniel and Karina, can produce most of the raw content for design and social media outlets, but we’ll need help for the finished product. Some of the things we’ll be doing are: copywriting, translation, videoscript writing, voiceover work, filming etc. Our current estimate is €20,000 for the next 2 years. (This cost would be much higher if we hired a professional company from start-to-finish. We’re trying to save by doing most of the initial work ourselves.

We live in a world where lawyers dictate many of our actions, especially as a cat rescue organisation. Our initial estimate to have a lawyer and legal accountant on retainer is €3000 + €6600 (for IndieGoGo). This will cover things like registering our brand name and filing all the correct paperwork to be an established, trustworthy rescue organisation.


Social Media

cat_heart_scwWe also want to use social media to its full advantage! We are on Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Blogspot, Pinterest, and Youtube. Even though we’re doing a fundraiser here on Indiegogo, our real campaign is with the communities on all these platforms. It's amazing that people are joining us all around the world. It doesn’t matter if you live in Australia or Venezuela - stray cats are a problem everywhere; it’s an international problem.

So join us and share our project!


3 thoughts on “The Project

  1. Have you thought to join Resqualk? This is a free app designed to raise funds for animal rescue organizations. It would be free for you to join. Users download the app, select an organization they wish to support and log their walked miles towards their cause of choice. Every week a pool of funds is divided up proportionally in consideration of the clocked mileage per organization. It may not reap huge amounts but all of your supporters could walk daily for your cause. I would! @pointe_claire_cats

  2. Love the idea, the concept and pinpointing the problems: YES people do stupid things trying to rescue cats and I had to deal with the kittens suddenly needing help from basically idiots, who wanted to trap the mom but instead scooped up the kittens and decided to bring them to a Miami humane society because they assumed it is a no-kill shelter…. Why not leave the kittens and notify in advance?… Someone with a brain could have done a better job but no – without any knowledge or research or even plain logic people take cats in and then face multiple problems which result in a nightmare for them, their pets and the good intentions lead to a stinking mess.
    Many rescuers turn into hoarders, which I can’t stand and some only police others – the rescue community in my area is ignorant, vicious and jealous self-centered bipunch of people who do not deserve to call themselves a rescuer at all….
    There is zero cooperation but lots of drama and calling animal control on each other – NOBODY seems to care about the cats and they keep dying at shelters while the rescue community are at each other’s throats fighting on FB like a bunch of high school teenage girls… They do more damage than good with very very few exceptions so far.
    I have tried to help and came up with my concept similar to yours but not as ambitious, which saved countless lives but has to be shut down because I failed to find a partner to share the workload and now in a state of severe burnout, and all because of jealousy and just mind blowing ignorance of the women who got on my case for some reason determined to destroy whatever I was trying to build by badmouthing my rescue to the point when nobody is willing to take me seriously and I have no clue what exactly they are saying but it scares people for some reason…
    That’s just my story in a nutshell and an example of a situation when the so called rescuers never put cats needs above their personal agenda and I was also thinking of creating a database or a hub for rescue groups to cooperate and work in a constructive way to make a difference but it was a dream. Not with those people: it could be the level of education or basic intellectual capacity being quite low among the majority combined with some emotional trauma from the past or some defect in their lives that they are trying to compensate for by doing rescue for instance: being single or not having children (my reason) Social rejection, abandonment – all this gets filled with praise and people calling rescuers “Heros” and “angels”, which some took to heart so closely that believe in it themselves and have a distorted perseption of self-worth. All those factors combined make a great community of people trying to prove themselves rather than save the animals and this scenario is observed very commonly not only in my community but almost everywhere.
    The fact that having compassion to help innocent animals simply makes one NORMAL but in no way elevates them to the status of a hero or makes one in any way superior to others simply doesn’t occur to them and this is in my opinion is a clear sign of low intelligence and some social rejection trauma that needs to be healed .

    So creating a database with professional objective people operating the network and allocating resources would have been a great alternative but it is not likely to take place in reality because rescue groups won’t join anything unless they have to or there is a strong financial motivation or their social status upgrade. They are too much into fighting for control and have them join a relatively unknown network that is also global is impossible. They won’t cooperate because there is no drama here or anything that they are naturally drawn to.

    That’s my opinion.

    I do like the idea though but I wish it can be scaled down to a national level AT LEAST. Or local communities. Or states – something more manageable than all countries with their own unique set of problems, laws and resources not to mention mentality differences.
    This is a huge turn off for me unfortunately.

    I would have joined a local South Florida U.S socialcatwork if there was one and would help promote it to overcome that persistent self-absorbed approach to rescue that makes the entire group of people with good intentions act as a dysfunctional bunch of mental patients – it’s so pathetic, that finding a single individual capable of thinking out of the box or independently was unsuccessful in my nearly two year experience…
    There has to be a way to change that slowly but going global right at the start without testing this concept locally is so strange, that I’m struggling to grasp the reasoning behind it.
    If it is to involve international brands later to advertise – that might make SOME sense but is hardly realistic…

    And you guys are based in the U.K I suppose?…

    If you were in the states I would jump in full time but considering what I already know I don’t think joining international network is going to make any difference for me and my work because I will be the only one who joined….in my area I mean…
    Plus there are so many cats everywhere and euthanasia numbers are so high, that you don’t have to really look for people needing help: they blow up my phone daily…
    There are no vets willing to give a reduced rate: so greedy in the region where only compassion and cooperation would save animals but they only care to make $$ on pet owners and not interested in helping small rescues.

    It’s just sad: I am personally leaving rescue and will focus on fundraising for foster care programs and educating the public because I failed and my project is now in crisis mode with 6 kittens and not even help with sharing on Instagram – I most likely will have to surrender them to a humane society or something because I can’t find homes…
    I’m so disgusted by what I have learned about rescuers and their typical characteristics that I am not surprised that so many pets never get any help… Will this ever change?… I don’t know but I don’t want to have anything to do with other rescuers and will do my own thing. The project I have been building from scratch was crushed by the lack of people supporting it and it was an efficient working model but they just cannot accept anything new and that’s why a good thing never became the permanent lifeline for Florida kitties….
    I will probably join this but I no longer expect much from anyone involved in rescue and have doubts regarding your model working out in real life but I hope I am wrong.
    I am definitely curious and since I gave up my project I want to see what others have in mind and maybe get some fresh ideas too:)

    Sorry for venting but I am burying my “baby” practically which I worked so hard for and therefore very upset and disappointed at how it all panned out for me, so I’m really depressed and losing faith in humanity as a whole…
    That’s why I’m venting everywhere I can – too much has been built up inside and I can’t complain on my page because people unfollow if they hear any truth or honest opinion…

    That’s it my novel is over:)

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